Terms of business: the fair and square not-so-small print.

1  All services are provided on a cash-on-completion-of-booked-session basis. Credit facilities are not normally offered unless agreed in writing at time of booking and then subject to status.

2  Bookings must be confirmed by the client with a deposit of £20 for the first day plus £10 per additional day. This must be paid at least 10 days before the session commences (or immediately if booked less than 10 days before commencement) otherwise the booking may be lost. Cleared deposit funds are credited against the final invoice. If any deposit payment has not cleared on completion of the session then the full invoice total will be due. Any overpayment will be refunded once all funds have cleared.

3  Bookings are normally accepted as whole days but only hours actually used are charged for at the prevailing rate, subject to a minimum of 4 hours per booked day. When calculating chargeable hours allowance will be made for agreed breaks or interruptions beyond reasonable control (e.g. loss of power or equipment failure) and equivalent additional time allowed to complete the current session if necessary. The provision of additional time adequately compensates for any loss or interruption of the session and shall be the limit of any liability. Under no circumstances shall there be any acceptance of liability for consequential loss however arising.

4  Materials used in the session are charged extra at cost. If using 2 inch tape, clients have the option to rent each reel used at a nominal £20 per reel. This rental fee covers the duration of the session plus storage for at least a week after the session ends. Longer storage periods or back-up to other formats by quotation. In the unlikely event of materials used being found faulty then liability shall be strictly limited to the replacement of any faulty materials.

5  All rights to recorded material produced in the session remain with the studio until payment is received in full – masters will only be released once cheques etc. have cleared.

6  If a booking is cancelled by the client less than 10 days before the commencement date then the deposit paid will be deemed as compensation and non-refundable, but may be credited against a later booking by agreement. If the booking deposit was waived for any reason whatsoever then a cancellation fee equivalent to the minimum charge of 4 hours will be payable by the client in the event of such cancellation with less than 10 days notice.

7  Any costs incurred in receiving payment (e.g. bank charges for card payments or bounced cheques) are payable by the client. Interest may be charged in the event of late payment.

8  Bookings are only accepted under these terms of business. Making a booking confirms acceptance of these terms.