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Welcome to the White House Studio website.

Situated in Weston-super-Mare in the West of England, the White House Recording Studio has been providing a quality service for discerning musicians since 1987. Ideally suited for bands that prefer to play together, the studio has a good size live room for drums, dedicated isolation booths for guitar and bass, a separate control room and natural daylight in all areas.

Affordable Competitive Rates

Complete Service – Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering

Pro Tools ‘Ultimate’ Digital with iZ Nyquist Converters

Specialist Analogue Reel-to-Reel Tape Digitising and Digital Transfers

Specialist Audio Restoration – Removal of Hiss, Clicks and Distortion

Technical Assistance – Repairs, Installation and Custom Cables

The studio has an amazing collection of vintage and modern equipment for almost limitless creativity, and is run with obsessional dedication by in-house engineer Martin Nichols.

Rates are affordable and extremely competitive, thanks to the out-of-town location.

We can complete your project through initial recording, overdubs, mixing and final mastering for you release format (CD, vinyl or digital download), with an efficient and cost-effective workflow, all in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We record into Pro Tools ‘Ultimate’ using iZ’s state-of-the-art Nyquist converters, giving the sweetest analogue-style sound combined with unrivalled convenience.  The vast collection of specialist ‘plug-ins’ offers a huge diversity of additional processing and creative options.

In addition to recording, we offer specialist audio tape transfer and restoration services.  We can optimally digitise most analogue reel to reel tapes, in almost all mono, stereo and multitrack formats, to industry-standard 24-bit WAV files.  All our tape decks are perfectly maintained and our devotion to ‘tweaking’ adjustments to achieve the best possible sound is second to none.  Tape ‘baking’ is available to cure ‘sticky tape syndrome’ – chemical decay suffered by most tapes over time, even in perfect storage conditions.  Digital tape formats are data-cloned for best possible sound quality, and error-status is monitored to avoid ‘glitches’ due to contamination.

Specialist restoration, using both hardware and software, can eliminate or significantly improve many problems such as tape hiss, hum, clicks and distortion.

We also offer technical assistance with many audio-related technical issues, for example electric guitar ‘screening’, equipment repair, studio installation and custom cable assembly.