Sharing Engineering Experience…

With a background in electronics house engineer Martin is able to assist with many of those hard-to-solve studio-related technical issues.

Custom Cables

For studio installations we can manufacture custom audio and digital interconnect cables using top quality connectors and the optimum cable for the application, usually to a higher spec than any commercially available offering.  Please email us with your requirements for advice and a competitive quote.

Studio Installation

We can assist with installation and troubleshooting of all types of audio-studio equipment, whether for a commercial studio or home recording set-up.  Please email us with details of your hardware and any issues experienced.

Hum Elimination

We can track down and cure the cause of hum in most analogue studio installations, particularly where interfacing vintage equipment is causing problems.

Studio Equipment Repairs and ‘Re-capping’

We have many years experience in the repair and maintenance of vintage analogue studio equipment, and switch/contact cleaning and re-capping (replacing dried-out electrolytic capacitors) can restore your precious ‘vintage’ units to sound like new.  Please email us with details of make and model, approximate age and the problems you are encountering withyour gear.

PLEASE NOTE: repairability is reliant on the item using standard replacement parts, and service manual/circuit diagrams being available for the exact model of equipment.  Any gear requiring custom parts, and digital equipment, is always best serviced by the manufacturer.

Electric Guitar ‘Screening’

Most guitars are still using totally inadequate screening to protect the internal wiring from interference like mains power ‘buzz’ or mobile phone breakthrough.  We can significantly improve immunity from these issues and improve your tone at the same time at minimal cost.  Particularly recommended if you use high-gain distorted sounds.